Dark Age of Wythia
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About Dark Age of Wythia (DAoW)

About Dark Age of Wythia™ (DAoW)

Dark Age of Wythia (or DAoW) is the ultimate browser-based RPG experience completely free. Battle against other players to level up your character, become more powerful, and to one day become the Emperor of Wythia - ruler of all and loved (or hated) by everybody.

DAoW offers a level of depth and complexity that is largely unmatched by other games of its type. In building a character, you may choose from ten unique races and ten different base classes. All of the classes are upgradable to at least one of ten additional advanced classes. The game contains dozens of equipment pieces, personal quests, and over sixty different magic spells.

If you are tired of your typical "click attack click attack click attack" click your link and then "click attack" again game then you have landed in the right spot. Veteran players will tell you that this game is different, with a broad array of strategies and an endless combination of things to try out. Whether your style of RPG is that of a wizard, sitting back and casting spells or that of a warrior - attacking and killing opponents, or even that of a bard - making friends with others and helping them out, then you will find something for you here.

Unlike many other games DAoW allows you to have multiple characters on your account (but not multiple accounts). Every account may have up to ten different characters on it, so that you can try out many of the different classes without cheating.

DAoW offers one of the most advanced clan systems of any game. Clan leaders can post clan news and advice, message all of their members automatically, assign member privileges, transfer leadership, and set the clan so that only certain people may join it. Clan members can fight wars against other clans, and every clan has its own in-built message board.

The game offers a link clicking system where you can get up to 25 additional battle turns used to attack other players. Players trade with each other via chat, the clan system and with their friends.

DAoW may not be for everybody. If you are looking for an easy game with an easy route to the top then this game is probably not for you. If you are looking for a truly challenging game that requires no more than an hour a day to play then you should definitely give this game a shot.