Dark Age of Wythia
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Storyline & Game History

Storyline & Game History

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In this section you will find the storylines for past versions of the game, and a tad bit of history about how things once were in Dark Age of Wythia

The Story of the Evil One begins near the time of Wythia�s birth, a time which scholars estimate was some thirty thousand years ago. The story has been passed down as legend from generation to generation in a small town that is now known as Forsaken Crossing, but it was not always known by that name. It is a small town that lies on outskirts of the Isle of Bottomless Hunger, the place where it is said that the Evil One took root originally.

Those who were not born into Forsaken Crossing were never told the story, and it was regarded as a secret for millennia. However, the recent wars and the rise of the Evil One have led the story to be spilt at last. The tale was told recently in a tavern somewhere near the shores of Pandilver, and from there spread quickly throughout the land. Warlords ordered their minstrels and storytellers in to tell the tale, and they listened with rapt interest, many looking for clues how to defeat the Evil One, others with bemusement at how their overlord came to power.

They called him Uga Galoth, and he was the son of the most powerful man in town. This was before towns had names, somewhere deep within the mountains of what is now known as the Isle of Bottomless Hunger. The town did not have that many people: fifteen to twenty at most. Uga�s father was a traveler by trade, bringing back rare and exotic goods and exchanging them for meat and favors from his fellow citizens. Uga�s father was well liked, as well as his mother, who was regarded as an expert hunter. However, Uga did not turn out to be well liked at all.

His maladies began at a young age. While other boys would be hunting, Uga was off collecting various rocks and categorizing them by shape and consistency. He showed off his rock collection to his young friends and they stared at him funny. Uga did not like to hunt, and he was not all that good at it. His father always said that he just did not try hard enough, but from watching Uga throw a spear at a bear one would conclude that Uga did not really have any talent at hunting. Somehow the spear ended up in the tree behind him!

The townspeople taunted him for being different. They would jeer him for not being able to throw a spear or wield a weapon, and not knowing how to skin a rabbit. They would call him names and make life as miserable as possible for him in general. He did not appear to mind this, always staring calm at them as they did this. After awhile they just started to ignore him as he went about, but somehow he always ended up as the butt of all the jokes.

When winter came and food was running short, the rest of the town would be in a desperate scramble. Uga would sit and collect rocks; twigs and other bits, often making himself so dirty that he could have been mistaken for a rock of dried mud. This was why the townspeople eternally hated him, and by the time he had gotten old enough to grow a beard the townspeople kicked him out, despite the pleas of his father.

Uga did not seem to mind at first. He did as he was told and left. He had never really understood those people anyway. He walked three days up into the cold mountains, without any food or water. By the end of the third day he was exhausted and wasted, his stomach pounding with hunger and his head burning with fever. With nothing else to do he sat down in the snow, fully expecting the cold to numb and kill him. It was a surprise that he had survived this far.

This much information the townspeople found out later from his father. Six days after Uga left his father went in search of him, journeying in the same direction that he had seen Uga go. For three weeks he combed the mountains searching, hoping at best to find a dead body lying somewhere. Just when he thought that all hope was lost, he found Uga laying cross-legged in a deep gorge.

Uga! He screeched as he ran with all of his might down the gorge.

At first Uga looked frozen and dead, but after a few minutes it was apparent that Uga was alive. How? His father whispered- the boy cannot hunt!

Nonetheless there was there were the bodies of several creatures lying around � rabbits, birds, and even a bear. Uga was lying on a bed of bearskin, staring at the ceiling. He did not speak or move as his father approached.

Uga? He whispered.

There was a pause of several moments, after which Uga began to rise. Somehow he seemed somewhat different. Anger creased the lines of his face, and his skin was the red of the tomatoes in the spring.

�I have been mistreated!� Uga screamed, �For years and I have only come to realize it!�

Uga? His father said again, �How did you �. kill these things?�

�Mistreated by my own brethren, for crimes that I did not commit! Cast out of my own town! Forced to travel to the point of death for three days into the mountains to come to this!

Uga�. His father murmured for the last time, seeing desperation in the eyes of his son.

Uga rose further, rage in his eyes, and lashed out for his father like an animal. His father backed away, tears in his eyes, and fled from the gorge. As his father ran, Uga screamed into the night �the source of night is the refusal to open the eyes!�

Some three years later (or so the legend says), Uga was spotted in the town that is now known as Forsaken Crossing. At this time he did not appear animal-like at all, but wore a dark robe. However, the facial features were clearly Uga�s, and were spotted by a man who once passed through the town that Uga lived in. He had clearly undergone some transformation since the time he was last seen by his father. He did not speak much, and when he spoke he spoke in a low voice. His build was strong from years of living an animal existence in the mountains, often eating his meat raw and subsisting on small berries, but it did not show under the robe.

A tavern owner who talked with him was to later say, �the man spoke of plans and gibberish. He spoke of being able to raise fire from rock and water from dirt! He spoke of channels that humans did not know of, an intelligence greater than ours that could be channeled into �magic�. He made me very afraid.�

A few others who exchanged glances with him also got a cold shudder. Word of his presence quickly spread throughout the town, and upon learning it was the much-loathed Uga he was promptly booted out and told to go back to the mountains where he came from. Uga screamed as he left �someday you will ALL PAY the ULTIMATE PRICE!!!!� Citizens reported hearing a laugh that went on for at least ten minutes� echoing up and down the distant mountain chains. More than a few children had nightmares that night of ghosts and creatures that came to be known as �demons� � things that stalked in the night and ate their enemies alive.

A few more years passed. Animals started showing up dead and rotten. Flies beset the island as if they had been called magically from the sky, eating and stinging everything in sight. More than one strange fever afflicted various towns, sometimes killing up to half of their inhabitants. Cold howling winds came out of the mountains every winter, freezing the island. The days seemed longer and darker than they should have been.

A murmur rose among the people of the island. Although they wanted to put off the topic and not talk about it, each and every one of them knew. They could feel his presence from the mountains; it was the nip at the edge of the cold wind, the most ravenous fly of the horde, and the most horrible of the fevers. It made children turn over and over again in their beds at night broke families� apart, killing fathers and sons far before their time. It seemed to shroud the sun itself, the source of life. Even the land beneath their very feet seemed to be sinking into the ocean because of it.

At last representatives from the various towns got together and had a meeting concerning the troubling times. They all agreed that they needed to send a small group into the mountains to kill Uga once and for all, and that he was bad luck upon their land. They agreed to send the team at first snowmelt � it would consist of the best hunters and warriors they had left � the last guardians of the women and children of the island.

The spring struggled to come that year. The vernal equinox came and went, and the snow still remained on the ground. It was not until early summer that the sun finally broke through the clouds and the snow slowly began to melt away, revealing a landscape that was now barren and devoid of the life it once held. There were no animals left, just their bones and carcasses. The townspeople died off in droves, giving their last morsels of meat and berries to the traveling party � their last hope.

The small band of warriors left on the day after midsummer. They traveled for four days through rocky crags and unforgiving passageways towards the spot where Uga�s father said he was around that time six years ago. The mountains were desolate, and despite the summertime sun still very cold. Their food only lasted them two days of the journey, and by the time they reached the lip of the gorge they were exhausted and hungry.

However what they saw at the bottom completely amazed them. Where once a vibrant riverbed lay was now a thick black scar. The entire bottom of the gorge was nothing but black. In the middle of the gorge, they saw Uga in his robe, surrounded by several objects. He seemed to be toying with something � it looked like he was moving a stick around on something.

Uga did not sense something was different � he was in the middle of perfecting what was to be his greatest accomplishment � A spell that would instantly kill something. So far he had only been able to bring tortuous malady upon the inhabitants of the island, but he wanted so badly to simply kill them all.

The warriors above, with no other choice of option, confronted Uga.

�Uga!� they hailed, approaching with their weapons drawn.

Uga sensed being disturbed and turned around to face the group. A smile flickered across his face.

�Ahhhhhhh,� Uga said with a long rasp, �I think it�s brought me a little treeeat!�

Fear flooded through the warriors and they dropped their weapons, helpless before the creature before them.

Uga returned to his work for a moment. �Yesss!� I think I shall call it a Curse! The Curse of the Ancients!

Uga turned around and stared at them malevolently for a moment. The men stood in fear, unable to move, barely able to even breathe. Sweat poured down their faces and landed in an inky puddle on the insidious ground.

A few words were whispered into the air, and the sky turned a deep purple, then a deep black. Two of the three men of the group fell forward and disintegrated into a pile of blood and bones. The third man stood resilient with his sword raised. The fear broke and he spoke freely:

�You cannot defeat us Uga. Come down from where you are! Let go of the force that possesses you! You do not know from whence it came, or where it will take you.�

�Nooooo� Uga screeched, �It did not WORK. It did not kill ALL OF THEM.�

Uga murmured the same words again, and for a brief moment a light flashed. The last man, with his sword raised, stood valiantly against the pulsing spell. The spell then slammed into the sword, breaking it in two, and came lashing backward towards Uga. Uga stood motionless as the Curse slammed into him. He began to twitch like a man who has been struck by lightning, and then fell, letting out a howling screech. A wind with the strength of two hurricanes blew up out of the ground. The brave hero scrambled away, out of the gorge. He would live to tell the tale.

What happened a moment later was to never be forgotten by all those who saw it.

Lightning came crashing out of the air towards the center of the gorge. The earth began to shake rapidly. Whole entire pieces of mountain ranges were shifted to and fro, some even falling down. The earth where Uga once stood began to sink endlessly, falling and falling, everything that once stood on the ground there being blown away by the winds.

The remaining townspeople watched from a distance. For 30 minutes lightning poured endlessly where Uga once stood. The isle was shrouded in darkness for the whole time.

A few hours after the event the air cleared and the sun shone once again upon the desolate land. Everything seemed different, but not necessarily better. The return of the brave hero (who to this day remains unnamed � as well as his descendants) was cheered by the townspeople. He told of his tale many a time, watching the bewildered faces of the women and children twitch as he spoke of the Curse.

A year later there was a mass exodus towards the shores of the isle, as fish provided the last source of food (and remain the only the source of food to this day). For five straight years it rained, and what was once a fertile island turned into a swamp, with the mountains standing in the middle, and what would become known as �the Hole� in the middle of the mountains.

A few tried to journey into the mountains to look into the hole, but they never returned. Legend has it that anybody who tries to cross the mountains will be eaten by the Demons of the Ancient that guard them. Legend also has it that the Demons have built a city in the mountains to surround the Hole, known as the Dark City. Late in the evening on a quiet winter�s night in Forsaken Crossing it is said that one can hear the howl of demons in the distance, devouring�

Deep within the hole it is said that the ashes of Uga live on in the form of a Cursed God � The Evil One.